In the 7 months and 3 weeks I’ve been on this health journey (see previous posts for the backstory), I’ve mentioned a bit about the doctor I see and the challenges I’ve faced and continue to face on a daily basis.  What I haven’t done to date is to share more about Nutritional Response Therapy […]

Most recently I’ve been thinking about wake up calls and how important they are to the decisions, and, ultimately, the choices we make.  I also remember a time when a wake up call was just that. A call from the hotel lobby early in the morning to get you up and to that appointment on time.  […]

When I think of this health and wellness adventure I’ve been on, I keep thinking that this is different than the many times I tried to change my life for the healthier.  This time, I’m not letting excuses rule how I live.  I’m doing my best to make good choices every day, but, am not […]

One of the things that’s motivated me to stay on track with my health and wellness journey has been immersing myself in education (online and off) about how I got here and how I can change that for the better. I’ve watched The Weight of the Nation numerous times. This 4 part documentary series takes a good, honest […]

Gonna lay some numbers out for ya.  In 2011, when I started my job in Boston I weighted 253lbs (June 2011) with a BMI of 44.8.  When I started this new lifestyle program, I was 238lbs (Feb 1, 2013) with a BMI of 42.2.  As of today (May 3, 2013), I’m at 212lbs with a […]

And the next step of my journey begins here….