And the next step of my journey begins here…

So, I decided to take things to the next level and start a blog. For those of you who haven’t been following my adventure for the past few months, I’ll recap for you.

On February 1st of this year (2013) I began on a new health and wellness journey (hence the blog title).  It began when I met with my doctor who practices a combination of nutritional work and applied kinesilogy called Nutritional Response Therapy.

I started this program for the main reason of getting healthy and to lose weight.  I dont’ like the term “weight loss” for the main reason that when I lose something (keys, glasses, phone, what have you, I tend to want to look for it again).  So, having been up and down the scale, I’m more apt to use phrases like “shedding lbs” or “gaining thinness” (got that one from my doc).

I’m also reading a lot and have watched a few documentaries, including “The Weight of the Nation” ( and “A Place At The Table” (, both of which have enspired me to continue my journey towards health and wellness as well has having made me super aware of the consequences of my previous lifestyle and how I can make long-term changes.

This journey is not easy.  I’ve only been on it (this time) for 3 months.  And, I have experienced so many highs and lows in the process. Some of my accomplishments included having shed around 27lbs thus far.  I have also (as part of this program) eliminated gluten, wheat, sugar, eggs, dairy, soy (except for organic gluten free tamari/soy sauce) as well as fruit.  And, I must say, I FEET Great!

Now, comes the next step.  I’ve just started integrating movement/physical activity into my routine and am curious to see how that plays itself out.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  And, as I say (on the daily videos I record) “The Journey Continues…”


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