Monthly Archives: May 2013

Wake Up Call 101 – When you just have to do things differently or be stuck in the same rut

Most recently I’ve been thinking about wake up calls and how important they are to the decisions, and, ultimately, the choices we make.  I also remember a time when a wake up call was just that. A call from the hotel lobby early in the morning to get you up and to that appointment on time.  […]

No Excuses

When I think of this health and wellness adventure I’ve been on, I keep thinking that this is different than the many times I tried to change my life for the healthier.  This time, I’m not letting excuses rule how I live.  I’m doing my best to make good choices every day, but, am not […]

Renovating My Life

One of the things that’s motivated me to stay on track with my health and wellness journey has been immersing myself in education (online and off) about how I got here and how I can change that for the better. I’ve watched The Weight of the Nation numerous times. This 4 part documentary series takes a good, honest […]

The numbers don’t lie…

Gonna lay some numbers out for ya.  In 2011, when I started my job in Boston I weighted 253lbs (June 2011) with a BMI of 44.8.  When I started this new lifestyle program, I was 238lbs (Feb 1, 2013) with a BMI of 42.2.  As of today (May 3, 2013), I’m at 212lbs with a […]