Renovating My Life

Home Renovation

One of the things that’s motivated me to stay on track with my health and wellness journey has been immersing myself in education (online and off) about how I got here and how I can change that for the better.

I’ve watched The Weight of the Nation numerous times. This 4 part documentary series takes a good, honest look at how, as a country, more than 60% of our population is obese or overweight, and how through small changes, we, as individuals and as a nation have choices to make to stem the tide of the obesity epidemic.

The truth for me is that I have danced around the issue of my long-term health and wellness, and, for the 40-something years I’ve been here, have been living on borrowed time.  Seeing people I care about get sick (and, in some cases, die) with cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, joint problems, etc,  I finally headed the wake up call – that I could easily have been any of them.

So I made the choice to live a better and healthier life and have made great progress in just 3 short months (almost 30lbs down – as of this morning). I’m enjoying my body more than I have had in a while, but am also taking the time to think about and plan the “renovations” that need to make me the healthiest person I can be, so I can enjoy a long and incredible  life.

To be honest, you should know that I didn’t come up with the renovation idea, I read it in the book version of The Weight of the Nation just yesterday. It inspired me to write this post and maybe it’ll inspire you too.   Below is an excerpt from the book that I got me thinking.  Let me know what you think, ok?

When Paul [a subject in the book] starts to make the little changes he needs to live a healthier life – or when you do – the most important thing to keep in mind is that these changes have to be sustained and become an integral part of your life. It’s not a matter of starting from scratch. Think of it as the difference between building a new house and renovating the one you’ve got. Your motivation for renovating your life might be to spruce up your curb appeal or to fix your sagging back porch, but your contractor will tell you that if you really want to increase the value of your home, you need to update your wiring, improve your plumbing, and make sure you’ve got a solid foundation. Unfortunately, when it comes to our bodies, renovation is our only option – we can never build a new house or move into that model home down the block. You’re going to live in this home for the rest of your life, so the time to invest in it is now.

Powerful words, no?  I am taking this renovation project seriously.  Now’s the time for me to figure out how best to make the inside and outside the best it can be.  And, I know it’s not going to be easy. It hasn’t been these past 3 months, but, I have my resolve and a great doctor who understands me and is outstanding in terms of nutritional advice and alternative healing. So, I’m glad about that.

When I deal with hunger and cravings (which come to me a lot), I need to keep things in perspective and remember that I did not create the body I’m in overnight, and that it can keep getting better and better every day, if I only show up and do the work. That’s the point of renovations, right?



  1. Well done Marsha, informative, entertaining & inspiring! You go girl!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Sue!

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