Wake Up Call 101 – When you just have to do things differently or be stuck in the same rut


Most recently I’ve been thinking about wake up calls and how important they are to the decisions, and, ultimately, the choices we make.  I also remember a time when a wake up call was just that. A call from the hotel lobby early in the morning to get you up and to that appointment on time.  Now, we rely on our iPhones (for me it’s a Droid) to do all that heavy lifting.

But, I still wonder how that innane idea of an early morning call turned into something that is often life changing.

I had a major wake up call this year in the form of my sister-in-law’s death from colon cancer.  While I wasn’t as close to her as I would have liked, I found out a lot about how loved she was and how amazing her family is and how important they were to her.  She lived a full and wonderful life filled with love, family and friends.  I never knew how beloved she was until after her passing and I felt to some degree that I had missed out on a lot by not having my own family.

When I returned home from the funeral, I began to reflect on the choices I made and the state of my own health.  And, while I don’t have any major illnesses, I began to look at the fact that I was very overweight, wasn’t eating very well, rarely exercised, and had high cholesterol and sleep apnea.  In addition, I thought about the fact that she was only 2 years older than me and ended up so sick. Because my brother and their kids were so tight, she had an amazing support system that helped her till it was time for her to leave.  Then I looked at my own life and realized I didn’t have that kind of tight knit support system.

So, until the time comes when I do have that, I decided to look at the state of my health as an opporunity to make some changes, which led to the decision to live as healthy as I could. So I met with a doctor who specializes in nutrition and more alternative healing, and started the journey I’m on now.  I struggle, with all the foods I’ve given up (wheat, gluten, eggs, sugar, dairy, fruit, soy) and sometimes get frustrated.  And, believe me you, I get those chocolate cravings.  But, I keep things in perspective now.

When I think of how jarring of a wake up call her passing was, I get really sad.  I would have loved to have spent more time with my “sista” (as I called her), but that wasn’t in the cards.  I have only one life to live and I’m doing my darndest to live it fully and to make good, healthly decisions every day.  It’s hard, there is no doubt about it. But, I feel like I honor her memory every time I make a healthy choice.

So, my question to you is…  What do you need to do to “wake up”?  You’re being called.  Can’t you hear the phone ringing?


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