Living a Full and Healthy Life is Just a Muscle Test Away – My Adventures in NRT

In the 7 months and 3 weeks I’ve been on this health journey (see previous posts for the backstory), I’ve mentioned a bit about the doctor I see and the challenges I’ve faced and continue to face on a daily basis.  What I haven’t done to date is to share more about Nutritional Response Therapy (NRT), the program I’ve been on.  I feel like it’s time to share the details about that and to tell you a bit more about how Dr. Medwar (a NRT Master Practitioner) came to it and what motivates her.  My hope here is to educate, inspire and encourage you to think outside the box, especially if you’re “sick of being sick and tired.

So to that end, here’s the scoop…

Dr. Mary Medwar is a chiropractor by trade. She was fascinated with alternative health and wellness from a young age when she experienced first-hand a major family tragedy that impacted her so deeply that she wanted to learn as much as she could to help others to prevent this from happening again. (The details of this tragedy are not my story to tell, but were shared with me)  It led her to getting a part time job with a local chiropractic office in the town where she grew up (it was in Massachusetts, in a suburb of Boston) and eventually becoming a chiropractor herself at the tender age of 22.  For many years, she was able to help people with a variety of spinal issues and all the usual things that bring people to a chiropractor, but she wanted to help people even more then she could by chiropractic alone.  This eventually led her on a journey that brought her to study with Dr. Freddie Ulan and Dr. Lester Brymann, the founders of Nutritional Response Therapy (NRT). She completed an intensive program in 2007 and has been offering NRT at her office since.

I came in contact with Dr. Medwar back in 2009 when I was on the market for a new chiropractor. She was referred to me, and, even though her office was a good half hour from my house, I went to see her anyway. She proved to be a phenomenal chiropractor. Hands down, the best I’ve even seen (and I’ve seen many over the years).  I saw her pretty regularly and always wondered a bit about this other health stuff she offered, but, never really bothered to explore it until the beginning of this year.

What changed for me is that I had been planning to do this “NRT” thing in the new year (I had Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds I allocated for this purpose) and was finally willing to do something drastic to improve my health, and I had a sneaking suspicion this would be a major shakeup of how I ate and lived.  While I didn’t know how right I was at the time, I know now.

When I had my first NRT appointment (which is actually done in 2 visits – for a specific reason), I learned a lot about what areas I was having problems. What I also experienced was how powerful using muscle testing to diagnose imbalances was.  From the first NRT visit, Dr. Medwar uncovered a whole host of foods that were giving me problems (and were potential allergens) including dairy, wheat, gluten, corn, soy and sugar.  She also found that that my gall bladder area (even though I had it out in 2009) was blocked (the energy that is) and my digestion was not doing well.  So, the plan (for the first 4 ½ months on the program) was to eliminate the offending foods and eat as organic, free range, grass fed, etc. as I could.  And, to date, I have stuck to that plan as best I could and am now 44lbs lighter because of it.

So, that’s how I got into NRT. But, I’m sure you’re wondering exactly what it is. Dr. Medwar explained to me that Nutritional Response Therapy is “a way of analyzing the body to find answers using the meridians, pressure points, muscle testing and examining the energy of the body.”  When she’s with a new patient, the question most on her mind is why did the patient’s organs go south (which often the reason people come to her for NRT in the first place. That’ something’s not right)? By systematically muscle testing a patient in a categorical manner, Dr. Medwar can determine what the best course of treatment will be for that patient. The categories in the exam include testing for food sensitivities/allergens, immune challenges, chemicals and heavy metals in the system and seeing if scars are causing energy blocks. Once the imbalances are identified through the testing process, the doctor can then prescribe the appropriate homeopathic remedy/supplement and adjust the diet accordingly (as she did with me) as needed.

So, that’s it, in a nutshell. This approach works. I’m living proof. It’s not easy to be good with the food that I eat and the supplements I take, but, it’s worth it.  I feel better than I’ve ever felt in my life and am more active and get sick much less than I can remember.  If you want to learn more (and even see a video of Dr. Ulan in action), see below.

Good luck and all the best of health to you and your family!

Dr. Ulan (with a patient)


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